Fix Partition Failed Error On Mac OS X Mountain Lion

In these days, Mac computers are very popular among all age group people because it offers large storage space, advanced features, applications, programs and many more things that is very important any one. You can easily store and manage your important data on Mac volumes. Most of the Mac users likes partitioning of Mac volumes to manage data which is stored on Mac OS X Mountain Lion hard drive in an very effective manner. With the help of partitioning of Mac hard drive, you can store and manage large amount of data including videos, movies, audios, photos, games, important documents, folders etc in a proper manner. Due to this, you can easily access precious and important files from formatted drive.

But sometimes you can face “Partition Failed” messages and entourage does not respond message  with the error like “Couldn’t modify partition map because file system verification failed.” when you trying to attempt partition of Mac hard drive. Due to this you can also face data loss situation. Losing important data from Mac volumes is like a pain. So, if you are one among of them thinking how to fix partition failed error on Mac OS X mountain lion, then don’t get panic. You can fix Partition Failed error message with the help of file system check command line utility and get back easily all lost files from Mac partition.

In order to perform this task, you have to follow few simple steps like:

>> First Reboot your Mac OS X Mountain Lion into Single User Mode by holding “Command + S” during boot.

>> At the command prompt, type below mentioned code:

/sbin/fsck -fy 

>> When fsck is complete, then type “exit” or “reboot” on command prompt to reboot your Mac system.

>> After that boot the Mac OS X as usual and after that verify the disk again in Disk Utility and partition the Mac volume without any error message. 

Due to partition failed error you can also face data loss issues. So, in order to overcome with such kind of situation you must use Free Mac Recovery software. With the help of this recovery software you can recover and restore all lost data from Mac OS X volumes within few minutes. This recovery software is compatible with all category of memory cards, digital devices. That’s why it takes least amount of time on recovery of Mac OS X files from memory cards and also from other storage media.

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